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Cowboy virtues contribute to society

Emily Fox-Million, Social Media Manager, Editor

February 27, 2020

Being a cowboy or cowgirl means there is a way you are meant to carry yourself every day. Provide a promise, and your word and handshake are your bond. Present high respect to yourself and others, as you would your land and animals....

Fake service dogs becoming issue to disabled community

Rebekah De Priest, Managing Editor

January 17, 2020

With the simple click of a computer mouse, nearly anyone can purchase a certificate and vest for their dog, portraying it as a service animal and enabling them to happily take their pooch to almost any public establishment they...

Christmas clash

December 16, 2019

Cultural appropriation harms marginalized

Sadie Buggle, Editor in Chief

December 16, 2019

Four white Colorado State University students were pictured in an Instagram story wearing blackface this September, hands crossed in front of their chest, captioned “Wakanda forevaa,” a reference to Marvel’s “Black Panther.”...

Respect, understand political differences

Rebekah De Priest, Managing Editor

November 7, 2019

If you support President Trump’s impeachment, then you are a moron. If you do not, you are stupid. If you are not an ally to the LGBT+ community, you are ignorant. If you do support them, you are a jerk. If you support gun control,...

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