Spilled Ink

2019-2020 Staff

Sadie Buggle


Sadie is a senior at FCHS, and she has been a part of the Spilled Ink family for the past three years. She spent last year as news editor and is now taking on the role of editor-in-chief. She enjoys reading, writing and music and ...

Italia Caro

Editor, Podcast Editor

Italia is an editor for Spilled Ink, and has been a part of the staff for two years. She is a junior at FCHS and is a part of the bands, History Bowl and NHS. In her free time, Italia can be found reading, listening to music, or...

Rebekah De Priest

Managing Editor

A sophomore at FCHS, Rebekah has been on the Spilled Ink staff for two years. In her free time, Rebekah enjoys art, horror films, fitness, and music. Rebekah is a passionate person, and uses writing to express herself. In addition...

Emily Fox-Million

Social Media Manager, Editor

Emily is an editor, writer, and the social media manager for Spilled Ink. A sophomore at FCHS, Emily has been on the Spiink staff for two years. When not writing for Spilled Ink, you can find her on the basketball court, listen...

Roland Tomsic

Head Graphic Artist

Roland is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys fishing and climbing, and he races bikes competitively with Ciclismo Youth Foundation. He has been on the Spilled Ink staff for all four years of high school: a Staff Writer for two years, A...

Kelly Warden

Staff Writer

A junior at FCHS, Kelly Warden has been on the Spiink staff for three years - as both a Staff Writer and A&E Editor. An advocate for the arts, she is often reading, writing, drawing, or playing guitar. Emerging from a past of...

Seraphina Discoe

Staff Writer

Rue Robertson

Staff Writer

A senior at FCHS, Rue has only been in Spilled Ink for a year. She still has a lot to learn, but she is excited to keep going and to write more. She also does parkour, and will not shut up about it. Being a part of the amazing...

Kai Larsen

Staff Writer

Kai is a freshman at FCHS and is a staff member for Spilled Ink. She loves photography and has a dog. In her free time, she likes to meditate and think about all of her life choices. She loves Christmas movies and Christmas in general...

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