Student Council plans event for 21 of each month, senior sunrise tomorrow


Emily Fox-Million, Social Media Manager, Editor

As traditional homecoming season comes and goes, many students wonder what events will still take place before next spring. Every 21 of each month there will be a new event sponsored by Student Council.

Senior Sunrise is one of the many traditions at FCHS and will be taking place Oct. 21 with some alterations.

“This year is going to look a little different,” Senior Olivia Moench said. “But we are excited to have it.”

At 6:30 a.m. students will meet in the North Parking lot as opposed to the Athletic Parking lot. Students will also be asked to stay in their cars. Those who do not drive to the event can still be dropped off in the parking lot, but will be asked to social distance while they enjoy the festivities.

The first 50 students to arrive will receive a free breakfast burrito from Mugs Coffee Lounge. There will also be cookies, donuts, coffee, and gift card raffles.

Student Council is actively working to put on new events for students, specifically seniors.

“We wanted to do something special every 21st of each month to try to unite them together,” Student Council Sponsor Haley Priebe said. “Give them something to look forward to, whether it is virtual or at the school.”

Seniors are being urged to take advantage of these events.

“We don’t know what the spring is going to look like,” Priebe explained. “Have fun while you can, make memories while you can.”