Larimer County administers COVID-19 vaccine according to timeline


Italia Caro, Editor-in-Chief

Larimer County’s timeline for distributing the COVID-19 vaccine to the public. Photo provided by Larimer County Health

As Poudre School District makes plans for high schools to return to Phase 3 hybrid learning on Jan. 25, the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine is pending according to Larimer County Health’s timeline. Larimer County is still vaccinating people in Phase 1A and preparing to start vaccinating people in Phase 1B. 

“The state, not our district, controls the distribution of COVID-19 vaccinations. People in 1A—think our first responders, our frontline healthcare workers—are being vaccinated now, and we’ve been told educators are in 1B according to the state’s plan,” PSD Executive Director of Communications Madeline Noblett said. “The state has instructed that all counties focus on vaccinating those predetermined critical populations first before moving on to other groups in 1B, including our educators. As of early January, it’s not clear to staff when teachers and other staff might be vaccinated given current various updates.”

Larimer County Health vaccine distribution timeline:

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