The Waffle Lab provides wide-variety, is affordable

Maelyn Barber, Staff Writer

Throughout my childhood I loved every breakfast food. Well, almost every breakfast food. For years and years plastic packages of pale yellow circles remained in the freezer neglected. In my opinion, waffles were nothing but fancy pieces of bread with square pockets in them. 

But at the end of March, I found myself on a spring night in the cutesy area in downtown Fort Collins known as the Exchange. Here you will find many different businesses including Churn, Penrose, and Chicken Cone. Tucked into a corner of the property, The Waffle Lab is the restaurant that elevated waffles to a whole new level for me.

I enjoyed two of the multitude of savory and sweet options: the Europeana waffle coated in nutella and chocolate syrup with a topping of strawberries and bananasand the Waffle and Gravya sweet and salty waffle themed after the classic sausage and gravy breakfast meal. 

The flavors were harmonious, the perfect balance of sweet and savory. In the European, I could feel every sugar pearl melt in my mouth. The gravy in the savory dish reminded me of American style comfort food. With each bite I was greeted with salty gravy and plump sausage pieces that resembled meatballs. In both, the waffle element had a great texture. What makes these waffles stand out is that they are made with a yeast-leavened dough that originated in Belgium rather than a batter.

To my disappointment the Exchange location did not have chicken and waffles as they do on their Olive Street menu, but otherwise there was a great variety. Each waffle offered is unique, but not obscure, as they honor traditional flavor combinations like sweet and salty, cheesy and spicy, or fruity and smothered in chocolate.

On their menu Each waffle costs from $7 to $14, a reasonable price range as the serving sizes are huge. They are not too big to finish in one sitting, but by the time you are done licking your fingers you are fully satisfied. 

The service was exemplary, as it only took the staff about 5 minutes to prepare two waffles, and I was able to find seating immediately.

The eating area is small, with only a couple of orange metal tables. However, it is sheltered which I consider a positive in unpredictable Colorado weather. 

Despite the waffles being top notch, the one thing I will warn you about regarding The Waffle Lab’s Exchange location is that it is hard to find. It is masked by a big fireplace and a seating area, hidden in the very back. Every other place has giant signs that beam with vibrant light.

The waffles are excellent and affordable, and I highly recommend The Waffle Lab at the Exchange to anyone searching for a wide variety and high-quality waffles.