FCHS helps 9 year old girl go to Hawaii


Second from right, Braxton Brown, watches a performance at the Spread the Love Week assembly last spring. With the financial support provided to them by FCHS, Braxton and her family are preparing to visit Hawaii over Thanksgiving Break. SPILLED INK FILE PHOTO

Maelyn Barber, Managing Editor

Braxton Brown, a 9-year-old girl who has been battling leukemia since 2020, dreams of soft white sandy beaches, a vibrant blue sky, lush tall palm trees, and a salty breeze. It’s a carefree environment she has not been to yet, having never seen the ocean before. 

This year FCHS partnered with Make-a-Wish Colorado to help Baxton’s dream of going to Hawaii become a reality. 

During the annual Spread the Love Week (STLW), FCHS raised $24,887.24 for Make-a-Wish Colorado to help wishes of kids like Braxton come true.

Braxton’s story started long before her Wish Week at FCHS. Before she knew she had cancer, she had been participating in competitive basketball. However, when Christmastime of 2020 came around, Braxton started having growing pains in her shoulder. She would come into her parents bedroom screaming in pain. 

After working with a primary physician’s assistant, the Brown family went through many different possible diagnoses, some as simple as growing pains. But, initial blood tests revealed Braxton’s blood work was irregular and speculations arose that she might have a virus or an autoimmune disorder.

As Braxton rapidly became more and more sick, it was clear there was something more going on. Her next round of blood work showed she had B cell ALL leukemia, a form of cancer 300,000 kids are diagnosed with each year.

“As soon as we left Children’s Hospital, we came home, our world had changed,” Braxton’s dad, Clint Brown, said. “Nothing was the same.

“We spent the next 752 days fighting,” he explained.

As of the STLW assembly, Braxton’s father reported she was three treatments away from “being able to ring the bell,” which is a common celebration in cancer treatment.

The sound of a bell left ringing in the air signifies that this is not the end of Braxton’s story. The people around her are hopeful, and Braxton’s mom, Kristen Brown, expressed optimism for Braxton as she finishes her fight with cancer. 

“My hope for Braxton is that we can finish up her treatment,” Kristen Brown said, “and that she’s cancer free and it’s something that just becomes a piece of her story rather than revolves around who she is.”