Christmas gives opportunity to share joy with loved ones

Sadie Buggle, Editor in Chief

The lights on the Christmas tree work to illuminate the area with a quiet, soft glow. The living room is full of family, telling jokes and exchanging smiles over the gentle hum of Christmas music. The scent of sugar fills the space, drifting from the kitchen oven and swirling through the air.

Christmas has brought joy to people of all ages for generations, through fatty and unhealthy foods, over-the-top seasonal music and movies, and, most of all, spending time with loved ones. Though receiving a gift is great, the season is in no way solely about the materialistic; it is about the fact that we could always use a little more joy and love, and Christmas is a way to spread some happiness and to make the world seem a little bit warmer.

Everything is more beautiful during Christmastime. All the trees in downtown Fort Collins are adorned with sparkling white lights, houses are coated with color, and trees stand in nearly every home. The season makes even a drive through town more magical.

Additionally, Christmas gives families and friends a reason to enjoy one another’s company. According to, 4 in 5 people spend Christmas with their families. Christmas is a great way to bring people together to celebrate and be joyful.

Biology teacher and self-titled “Christmas enthusiast” Tamara Osborn always spends the holidays with her family and loves to be in their company.

“I like to get the family together when we get everybody home,” she said. “We play a lot of board games, and everybody spends time together. You get to eat things that you would not ordinarily eat the rest of the year that are not healthy at all with an excuse together.”

Most importantly, Christmas creates a little extra joy and kindness that everyone could benefit from. Even such a small thing as wishing someone a “happy holidays” or a “merry Christmas” is spreading the hope of happiness and merriness in the lives of others.

“Around Christmas time people are just generally kinder to each other,” Osborn said. “The weather usually makes people focus inwardly rather than outwardly.”

The holiday is not just about giving and receiving presents; it is about so much more: the beauty of amplified love from even strangers, the beauty of the world covered in lights, even the beauty of cheesy Christmas tunes. Even without the allure of presents, Christmas widely spreads joy and cheer.