Senior plans 2020

Spilled Ink conducted a survey of the 2020 graduating class. Their plans are listed below. The students found here are the ones that we were able to contact.

Fernando Acevedo— Colorado State University for Pre Med

James Alaimo— Front Range Community College for U.S. History and Business

Christopher Aldana— Colorado State University for Health and Science

Maria Alizo Arceo—Moving to Spain to study Sports Medicine

Phoebe Anderson— Pursuing a dance career

Deniss Atondo Avalos— Colorado State University

Diego Aragon— Indian Hills Community College

Makena Asmus— Iowa State University

Koral Atkinson— Front Range Community College for Nursing

Rodney Austin— Colorado State University for Business Administration

McKaiden Ayraud— Colorado State University for Psychology

Anne Bader— Grinnell College

Jana Badurova— Vienna for Interior Design

Austin Baldini— Colorado State University

Molly Ballard— University of Utah for Political Science

Yarida Baray— Front Range Community College

James Barbier— Syracuse University for Architecture

Anna Baughman— Colorado State University for Family and Consumer Sciences

Danielle Bauling— University of Northern Colorado for Secondary Education

Allyson Beckner— Grand Canyon University

Alyssa Belanger— Colorado State University

Kathryn Berman— Front Range Community College for Psychology

Davin Bishop— United States Navy

Hannah Blagg— Colorado State University Global

Angela Blinne— Calvin University for Nursing

Teagan Boiarsky— University of Colorado Boulder for Spanish and Sociology

Matthew Boyle— Peabody Institute at Johns Hopkins University for Percussion performance

Malcolm Brabson— Moving to Korea

Jack Brecheisen— University of Southern California for Drawing/animation

Alexander Brick— Carnegie Mellon University for Statistics

Joseph Bright— Colorado State University or University of Wyoming for Sports Communication

Julian Brodsky— Babson College for Business Administration and Management

Lennon Brooks— Colorado State University

Alexandria Brown— Front Range Community College/ University of Northern Colorado

Sadie Buggle— Walter Cronkite School of Journalism at Arizona State University for Journalism

Kerrigan Bunker— University of Utah for Parks, Recreation and Tourism

Gail Bunn— Traveling

Jocelyn Burnside— Brigham Young University for Mathematics Education

Henry Cafaro— University of Chicago

Jett Cameron— Traveling

Milana Campana— University of Colorado Boulder for Exploratory Studies

Elizabeth Carter— Colorado Mesa University for Nursing

Grecia Ceja— Colorado State University

Jordan Chan— Front Range Community College

Christiana Chantha— Undecided college for Pre Med/Nursing

Dominique Chesson— University of San Francisco

Emma Christensen— Western Washington University

Zoe Cirillo— University of Colorado Boulder for Business

Brian Clarke— Utah State University for Pre Med

Daisy Cochran— Colorado State University for Mechanical Engineering

Derek Conlon— Colorado State University

Kevin Conlon— George Washington University for Mechanical Engineering

Morgan Coombes— Arizona State University for Architectural Studies

Caleb Cordsen— Playing major junior hockey

Trinity Corney— University of Wyoming

Jamey Crawford— Front Range Community College/Arizona State University for Athletic training

Hudson Cropp— University of Northern Colorado

Allison Crum— Colorado State University for Health and Exercise Sciences

Brock D’Agostino— United States Air Force

Lizeth De La Luz— Colorado State University

Dave De Sam Sepa— Hutchinson or Garden City Community College for Computer Science

Jackson Dean— United States Navy

Amberlee Deines— Grand Canyon University for Exercise Science

Bibiana Delacruz-Stewart— Metropolitan State University of Denver for Aviation/aerospace

Perla Devora Robertson— Working

Zayden Dickey— Front Range Community College for Art

Salem Dietrich— Colorado Mesa University for Mechanical Engineering

Seraphina Discoe— Front Range Community College for Occupational Therapy

Finola Doyle—Montana State University

Gabrielle Dunn— University of Colorado Boulder for Civil Engineering

Shannon Dunn— Northern Arizona University

Alex Ellmer— Western Colorado University for Exercise Science

Tristan English— University of Colorado Boulder for Cinema Studies and Moving Image Arts

Teagan English— Colorado State University

Reagan Evarts— School for oncology

Lillian Farr— Colorado State University

Sophia Fiechtl— Colorado State University for Restaurant and Hospitality

Harrison Fletcher— Colorado State University

Brigid Florian—Champlain College for Creative Media and Visual Arts

Ellie Foerster— University of Northern Colorado for Pre-Nursing

Avital Forsyth— University of Colorado Boulder for Environmental Engineering

Kenna Freestone Hoven— Traveling to Spain to work

Avery Frey— Front Range Community College for Vet Technology

Daniel Fuffatto— Cooper Home Daytime School

Kyleigh Gallegos— Colorado State University for Chemistry

Daniel Gammon— University of Colorado Boulder for Finance

Rose Ganshert— Colorado School of Mines for Electrical/Computer Engineering

Zayne Garcia— University of Wyoming/ROTC

Zaid Garcia— University of Northern Colorado for Coaching

Jada Garrette—Front Range Community College for Nursing

Rachel Gasser— University of Colorado Boulder

Corissa Gessaman— Tattoo apprenticeship/work

Katie Gillman— University of Colorado Boulder

Madison Gonzalez— Colorado State University

Alexandria Goodrich— Northern Arizona University

Samantha Gordon— University of Hawaii

Trey Grass— Undecided college

Ted Greene— Colorado State University

James Gregory— California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo

Kiara Grubb— Front Range Community College or Cosmetology School

Calbert Guest— Appalachian State University

Natalie Hamill— Illinois Institute of Technology for Biomedical Engineering

Jacob Hammers— Benedictine College

Brady Hansen— Work 

Riley Harrison— Northwestern University for Theatre

Dustinea Harrison— Northeastern Junior College for Psychology

Justin Hartberg— Montana State University

Mandi Heffington— Community college and full time work

Parker Heiserman— South Dakota School of Mines and Technology

Maggie Henson— Colorado State University

Hailey Hixson— Colorado State University for Psychology

Kai Holm— Front Range Community College

Cambri Howe— MIlitary

Elizabeth Hubbeling— University of Portland

Azandria Hudson— Howard College

Anna Hunter— Write State University for Theatrical Design and Technology

Becky Hutchinson— Portland State University

Hayden Iverson— Colorado State University

Antonio Izzo— University of Melbourne for Environmental Science

TierDree Jackson— Arizona State University

Ginger Jacobs— Pepperdine University

Teagan Janssen— The Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan for Business

Daniel Jeng— The University of Texas, Austin for Computer Science

Trinity Jenkins— University of Oregon for Environmental Science or Photojournalism

Jordyn Johnson— Creighton University for Medical Anthropology and Spanish

Ella Johnson— Texas Christian University for Political Science

Raymond Johnson— Colorado State University

Rachel Jones— University of Minnesota Crookston for Sports Management

William Jones— Colorado State University for Environmental Engineering

Britney Juarez—Colorado State University for Theatre with a Design and Technology concentration

Jasmine Juarez— Aims Community College 

Dylan Katzman— University of Colorado Boulder

Elias Kaupang— Gap year to travel

Dylan Kelly— Colorado State University for Biochemistry

Erika Kinsman—University of Arizona

Aliyah Kirkes— Aims Community College for Applied Science and Emergency Medical Services

Drew Knight— Boise State University

Caden Kokes— South Dakota School of MInes

Monica Kosmos— University of Southern California

Keegan Kulesa— Arizona State University for Musical Theatre and Sports Broadcasting

Sophie Kwan— Gap year

Maxwell Kwan— Metropolitan State University of Denver for Industrial Design

Austin Lackey— Colorado State University

Lindsey Land— University of Colorado Boulder for Integrative Physiology

Cody Larsen— Utah State University

Thien Le— Yale University for Chemistry and English

Denise Leon Chinchilla— United States Marines

David Leon Chinchilla— Aims Community College for Education

Joshua Leone— South Dakota School of Mines

Edward Lim—  Johns Hopkins University

Alex Lipker— California Polytechnic State University for Architectural Studies

Adalia Lorsen— University of Denver for Art

Bryce Lucas— Boise State University

Alexia Maes— United States Marines

Emma Mahon— Front Range Community College for Criminology

Riley Makloski— University of Northern Colorado

Neena Malcolm— Pacific Lutheran University for Musical Theatre

David Marchant— Brigham Young University for Biology

Jeremiah Martin— Front Range Community College

James Martinez— University of Colorado Denver

Tristan McBeth— United States Airforce

Truman McCaw— Berklee School of Music

Ashlyn McGhee— University of Wyoming

Alexandria McIntosh— Front Range Community College for Science, Colorado State University for Zoology

Blake McKinley— Adams State University for Criminology

Kane Menezes— United States Naval Academy

Jordan Messmer— Kansas State University for Sociology

Stephanie Meza— Arizona State University for Criminology/Criminal Justice

Carlie Migdall— Indiana University for Marketing

Hadley Mikkelsen— Colorado State University

Shaza Mohamed— Colorado State University for Biochemistry

Logan Monks— University of Wyoming for Business

Megan Morales— Colorado State University for Environmental Engineering

Kody Morgan— United States Marines

Melissa Mueller— University of Colorado Denver for Contemporary Music

Riese Munoz— University of Montana for English Education and Creative Writing

Natalia Nava Ordonez— Colorado State University/moving to Mexico for Public Relations and Psychology

Anastasia Nelson— Front Range Community College

Drew Norsen— Doane University

Andrew Nosler— Montana State University

Ethan Otto— University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point for Graphic Design

Andrew Otto— Kansas State University

Emma Owens— Western Washington University for Environmental Science

Ella Paschke— DePaul University for Psychology

Owen Peirce—Colorado State University for Mechanical Engineering

Brooklyn Petersen— Brigham Young University-Idaho for Physical Therapy

Ian Petruska— United States Marines

Zach Pickerel— Undecided college for Geology

Santiago Pinedo— Colorado State University for Biomedical Sciences

Nautica Plasencia— Colorado Mesa University

Kennedy Polovich— Cornish College of the Arts

Madelynn Potter— Black Hills State University for Exercise Science

Ben Poulsen— University of Utah for Chemistry

Elijah Price— Colorado School of MInes for Undecided Engineering

Efrain Prieto Romero— Colorado State University

Sydney Purnell— Boise State University

Riley Quast— Colorado State University for Fashion Design

Gracie Rademacher— University of Northern Colorado

Vaughn Reschenberg— Montana State University

Alexa Reuth— Colorado State University for Health and Exercise Science

Paige Richards— Cheeks Beauty Academy for Cosmetology

Adriana Rivera— University of Colorado Boulder

Ruth Robertson— Colorado Mesa University

Kylie Robertson— Aveda Cosmetology

Luke Robinson— United States Airforce

Aracely Rodriguez— Front Range Community College

Michelle Rodriguez-Bradley— Colorado State University Global for Business

Justin Romero— Colorado State University

Mackenna Rowe— University of Utah

Savannah Sanford— Pacific Northwestern College of Art for Illustration

Sebastian Schipman— Colorado State University

Sander Schott— Colorado School of Mines

Hannah Serbousek— University of New Hampshire for Environmental Science and Sustainability

Colby Shade— University of Oregon

Taylan Shively— University of California, Davis for Veterinary Science

Kaylin Sims— Front Range Community College for EMT and Science

Bailey Smith— United States Navy

Logan Snyder— University of Northern Colorado

Jenna Springberg— University of Colorado Boulder

Sydney Stanley— Texas Tech University for Sociology

Ella Steensma— Northern Arizona University

Katie Stern— Mount St Mary’s University 

Gregory Stokes— Colorado State University for Computer Science 

Corrinne Tallman— Trinity University for Music Education and Vocal Performance 

Olivia Tanguay— Arizona State University for Biological Sciences  

Hannah Thiemann— University of Puget Sound for Psychology and Music

Julia Thornbjomsen— Arizona State University for Special Education

Ainsley Thornton— Colorado State University for Business 

Scott Thrasher— Front Range Community College for Veterinary Technician 

Taylor Tiffany— Front Range Community College

Ben Tollison— Ringling College of Art and Design

Sam Tollison— Georgetown University for Political Economy 

Libby Tomanek— Colorado State University for Sports Management 

Heather Tran— Colorado State University for Psychology

Spence Troop— Purdue University for Aerospace Engineering

Audrey Tweeton— University of Michigan

Parker Tyler— Colorado State University

Alexis Urbom—  University of Colorado Boulder

Sabrina VanDeList— Colorado Mesa University for Nursing

Olivia VanMeveren— Colorado State University for English and Psychology

Joseph Vasseur— Oklahoma State University

Kerstin Vecchio— Colorado Mesa University

Hannah Vogel— Eckerd College for Marine Biology

Emily Walker— Brigham Young University Idaho for Biology

Marsallies Wesley— University of Colorado Boulder for Computer Science 

Noah Wheeling— Drake University 

Knox Williams— University of Denver

Katelyn Woehner— Undecided 

Nancy Wynstra-Cope— Colorado State University

Stephanie Ye— Rochester Institute of Technology for Computer Engineering

Alena Zhu— University of California (Los Angeles)